Modalavoro - Professional Uniforms

The company and the Megastore

A brand that comes
from afar

It was 1989 when, after decades of experience in the fashion sector, we wanted to dedicate a specific and specific space to professional clothing.

At the time, a waiter wore the classic white shirt, a black jacket, trousers and tie, if any, also black.

Our idea, on the other hand, was to combine the functionality of the uniform with the dictates of fashion: thus MODALAVORO was born .

And since we think it is aimed at those who must wear the uniform, we open the first store in the historic center of Rimini.

The success of the idea has allowed us to expand the headquarters several times, up to the current Megastore , and to devote ourselves to production, always artisanal .

Thinking and creating
fashion at work

This is what we have been doing for over 30 years: we select high quality materials and fabrics, fabrics designed specifically for the different areas of use : bars, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants, hotels and the entire healthcare sector.

We offer you a wide choice of models in different variations of textures and colors, because we want to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Many have tried to imitate us, but Modalavoro is not just the brand of a company: it is passion for what we do, it is direct knowledge of the territory and its operators, it is the choice of a Made in Italy product not only in design, but also in the manufacturing chain, where every step of the process is meticulously cared for.

Knowing how to listen to the needs of customers, whether Italian or foreign, grasping the different needs and a constant presence at the most important trade fairs in the world, are the result of our professionalism and thirty years of experience.


We have integrated within the company a special office composed of staff highly specialized in marketing orientation.This branch offers an image consultancy service for new companies or restyling of existing ones: don’t forget that your employees are constantly in contact with customers and they represent your company, from the service they offer to what they wear.

We are available to offer our know-how and our professionalism even “on site” to study, together, the best way to introduce your company and propose company to customers.

A “uniform” is not just a piece of sewn fabric , but it must be the perfect combination of your business image, respecting the textures and colors of your furniture and meeting the taste of the target clients.

Would you like to know more?

The Megastore
of Rimini

Once again we are revolutionizing the way of supplying professional clothing and footwear, opening in April 2018 the new 800 m2 Megastore a few steps from the exhibition center, immediate to reach from all directions and equipped with an even more convenient parking.

Alternative to the logic of the virtual and digital, with the new format we rewrite the relationship with the customer who, welcomed by specialized personnel, is invited to touch, to wear, to choose from the thousands of items available, including CE-compliant footwear. .

By promoting personal contact with Modalavoro we offer an increasingly personalized experience, in line with the wishes of customers.