Modalavoro - Professional Uniforms

Technical Recommendations

Instructions for good durability

For good durability, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Wash the garments in warm water at least twice.
  2. Do not leave the garments to soak.
  3. It is not recommended to use chemical products. If necessary use a moderate amount of bleach (max 2%) only on yarn-dyed or white fabrics. Modalavoro assumes no responsibility for any fabric discoloration or damage that may be caused by an improper use of chemical products.
  4. Do not rub or brush printed fabric.
  5. Pure cotton may shrink up to 3%.
  6. Iron mixed and synthetic fabrics at low heat. Cotton fabric may be ironed at higher temperatures.
  7. Never try to remove stains locally – it may damage the fabric.
  8. Close all zippers before putting in the washing machine.
  9. Do not leave garments with a zipper close to heat sources.

Fabric technical specification


This innovative fiber with incredible properties, assure excellent performance throughout the day. Absorbs the moisture in a controlled and regular manner and compared to cotton a 50% improvement in moisture management is measured.
Fabric made of TENCEL® are characterized by very high dimensional stability, are exceptionally strong and resistant to wear and the garments can be washed many times, maintaining their shape and colours and being particularly easy to iron.


Is a bright and colorful fabric. Its strenght is the satin armor, that gives the fabris a soft and smooth hand and also anhance the colours, that result extremely bright and incredibly shiny.
Has a great tensile strenght and withstands high temperatures and bleaching.


Is a natural fiber obtained from the wood. The result ia a very soft fabric, even after several washings, withstanding color fading and shrinkage.