We kindly ask all our customers as well as whomever visits our website to simply surf or do product research (no matter if a purchase will be placed or not) to read carefully the “Privacy Policy” of WWW.MODALAVORO.IT. Our Privacy Policy helps understand how WWW.MODALAVORO.IT collects and uses its users’ personal data and with what purpose, in compliance with the Italian Law.

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The controller of all personal data collected through the website WWW.MODALAVORO.IT is RIMINI STORES S.R.L.


Providing RIMINI STORES S.R.L. with any personal data through the website WWW.MODALAVORO.IT, as requested in several data collections in line with the commercial goal of RIMINI STORES S.R.L., may be compulsory for the proceeding of the customer’s commercial purpose, or optional if finalized to the subscription to a mailing list dedicated to informative and promotional material submission. Any refusal to release the required data to RIMINI STORES S.R.L. will preclude the proceeding of the commercial purpose of the client and RIMINI STORES S.R.L. Such refusal may in fact prevent RIMINI STORES S.R.L. from processing the purchase order placed on WWW.MODALAVORO.IT as well as supplying any further available service such as customer assistance.


Anybody who submits personal data to RIMINI STORES S.R.L. through the website WWW.MODALAVORO.IT retains the right to the respect of personal data processing in compliance with the current Italian law. The interested party whom data refer to has the right to access all his/her personal information controlled by others. This right is granted by the art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 and includes the right to know what data are being used, how and with what purpose, who is using them, and who is allowed to have access to them.

On the basis of the right to access, the interested party may request that the data controlled by others correspond to the truth, and demand any update or cancellation accordingly. If the data are not used in accordance with the law, the interested party may request the cancellation or interruption of their use.

The personal data processing is performed mainly electronically by RIMINI STORES S.R.L. and other partners who have been carefully selected for reliability and competence and carry out operations functional to the achievement of the purposes strictly connected to the use of the website, its services and the shipment of the products.


• subscription to the website in order to take advantage of our services;
• subscription to specific features related to the business activity, such as the newsletter and other informative services, friend invitation to subscribe to RIMINI STORES S.R.L. updates, self-introduction to other users;
• Order processing and related activities;
• Responding to your requests: technical, commercial, concerning your order status, and various information requests;
• Market research and statistics;
• Specific police requests, which can be documented;

• Payment processing for the purchased products.

Moreover RIMINI STORES S.R.L. reserves the right to share the data collected on its website for business purposes, such as customer satisfaction surveys based on the services provided, which are conducted by certified third parties. However, in accordance with the law n. 78-17 of 6th January 1978, all subscribers may prevent any commercial use of their personal data by simply notifying us by email.

In some circumstances the subscriber’s consent may not be required by law: for example when the action performed is mandatory by law, or when contractual obligations must be fulfilled towards the customer. RIMINI STORES S.R.L. may also need to use a third party’s personal data provided by the users of WWW.MODALAVORO.IT, for example when the user purchases a product that needs to be delivered to a friend – that is, when the party receiving the product is different from the party purchasing the product – or when a user recommends a particular service or product of WWW.MODALAVORO.IT to a friend. In this case, RIMINI STORES S.R.L. will attempt to communicate the Privacy Polity to the third party in question at the time of his/her data registration into its system. However, it is necessary that the user providing the third party personal information is aware of his/her obligation to obtain the third party consent to do so, before providing his/her data to RIMINI STORE S.R.L. The user is also responsible for informing the third party of his/her action or informative activity, being the sole responsible party for providing his/her personal data to third parties without obtaining previous consent, or for a contingent incorrect or illegal use of their use.

Third parties’ consent is not essential to the conclusion of the contract when their data are provided to RIMINI STORES S.R.L. by others.


All personal data are used by businesses affiliated to RIMINI STORES S.R.L., which perform various functions based on the departments and activities of RIMINI STORES S.R.L.

RIMINI STORES S.R.L. cannot guarantee in any way that the measures adopted for the safety of the website and the data transmission will limit or prevent any risk of unauthorized access or data leakage on behalf of devices for which the user has full responsibility.

You are kindly advised to make sure that your computer is equipped with adequate software for the protection of incoming and outgoing data transmission on the internet (such as updated antivirus systems), and that your Internet provider has adopted suitable measures for a safe transmission of the data (for instance firewall and anti-spam filters). RIMINI STORES S.R.L. may modify or update its Privacy Policy, in full or in part, according to any changes of the law or regulations that may apply to this subject and protect the civil rights. All changes and updates on the Privacy Policy will be considered valid once published on the website.