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Why are uniforms so important?

Marketing experts, communication advisors, fashion offices of big companies of this sector all agree: the professional uniform plays a fundamental role.

The right uniform can:

  • Distinguish your personnel. First of all, a professional uniform must stand out from clients, draw attention and make the personnel easily recognizable.
  • Give a matching image. With the communication elements in order to create a strong recognizing power of your brand.
  • Reflect your professionalism. By reflecting the passion and care for details that are part to your brand directly to your uniform.

These are the production phases


  • Analysis of the characteristics of your brand like colours and distinctive elements;
  • Examination of your typology of furniture, materials, colours and style (e.g., classic, modern, minimal, formal, informal, etc.);
  • Analysis of your type of clients, your target characteristics, style and tastes;
  • Examination of your specific needs (e.g., number of employee, type of areas to manage/cover, disticintion by gender, services and timing);
  • in specific cases, inspection on your location or rendering study.


  • External materials characteristics: fabrics, colors and patterns;
  • Manufacturing and finishing touch: embroideries, stitching, and accessories;
  • Technical material characteristics: endurance, washing and ironing;
  • Potential distinctions: unisex personnel, males and/or females, tasks, type of service and/or shifts;
  • Terms of contract with respective quotes;
  • Supply details: timing of delivery, restocking costs and timing.

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