Modalavoro - Professional Uniforms

International fairs

In 1986 we opened the first store in the storic center of Rimini.

Only 4 years later, SIGEP was born, the most important international fair dedicated to artisanal ice cream and desserts. And we were there, because we have always believed in the importance of quality professional clothing.

The first Modalavoro stand at Sigep 1990

Lo stand Modalavoro al SIGEP 1990

And from that moment on we never stopped: in addition to the consistent presence at every edition of SIGEP…

Some of our stands at SIGEP

SIGEP 2012

SIGEP 2013

SIGEP 2014

SIGEP 2015

SIGEP 2020

Modalavoro al Sigep 2012

… we took part in various trade fairs in Italy and around the world. Here are the main ones:

  • Host (Milan – Italy)
  • SIA (Rimini – Italy)
  • Intergastra (Stuttgart – Germany)
  • IHMRS (New York – USA)
  • Südback (Stuttgart – Germany)
Modalavoro a IHRMS 2014 New York
Modalavoro at IHRMS 2014 New York
Modalavoro a Intergastra 2018 Stutgart
Modalavoro at Intergastra 2018 Stoccarda
Modalavoro a Südback 2019 Stutgart
Modalavoro at Südback 2019 Stoccarda