Drop us a line (and we'll give you a piadina)

Episode 1

Sigep 2022 is coming and we are preparing new the new fashion line for the upcoming season.

This year, we would like your help: we ask you to choose between two options of patterns, colors, and fabrics, that we will propose. The most voted options will form the models we will present at Sigep 2022.

But we won’t use your help for free: if you answer to our 2 questions, we will offer you a ham piadina (our city’s speciality!) that you can have at any food booth of Rimini Exposition Centre during Sigep 2022. And if you can’t make it to Sigep 2022, we will send you our catalogue (so that you’ll see the winner models!) together with a package of 5 piadine from our city!

Are you in? Let’s begin with our first poll: