A 30-year experience in professional clothing!


Our new 2016 collection has never been loved and appreciated as it has this year!
Our long-time customers know very well that the essence of our company is the combination of elegance and functionality, which is the core of our design and creation of Fashion at Work. This is exactly what we have been doing for over 30 years: we select high-quality materials and fabrics that have been specifically thought of for different fields of application (gelaterias, cafés, pastry shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.), and we offer you a wide choice of models in a great variety of possible fabric and color combinations. Because we want to satisfy even the most demanding customers. 

Many have tried to imitate us, but Modalavoro is not only a company brand, it is passion for what we do, it is the choice of a product that is made in Italy not only in terms of design, but also in terms of its entire manufacturing process, where we pay attention to every single step. Because a customer for us is not just an index in the yearly “income” sheet, but the lymph of our company, and their appreciation is what prompts us daily to improve ourselves!

Knowing how to listen and understand our customers’ needs, whether they are Italian or not, and constantly exhibiting at the world’s most important trade shows of the field (Sigep (Italy), Intergastra (Stuttgart), IHMRS (New York), Host (Milan) are the results of our professionality and 30-year long experience.

Moreover, Modalavoro has added to the its company assets a specific department composed by a marketing-oriented highly specialized staff that offers image consulting services to new companies and restyling advice to existing ones: let’s not forget that your employees are constantly in contact with your customers and their look and apparel represent Your company.

This is why we are also available as marketing and image consultants, offering upon appointment our expertise and professionality even on your premises, in order to study together with you the best way to present your company to your customers.
A “uniform” is not just a piece of fabric nicely sewn; it should be the perfect combination of the company image, by matching fabrics and colors and meeting the target clientele’s taste.

We have purposely dedicated this gallery to You, in order to share a little bit of what we do. Contact us; we will put all our know-how and consulting at your disposal. We will show you that we care about the people we work with, because there is no better collaboration than the one based on a long-lasting trustworthy relationship!

Modalavoro:  professional fashion made with Heart!