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Emanuel Tencel



Those who already know us perfectly know that the imperative of our company is based on the combination of elegance and functionality to create fashion at work; this is what we have been doing for over 30 years: we select high quality materials and fabrics, specifically designed for different areas: ice-cream parlors, bars, pastry shops, restaurants, hotels, and the entire health sector. We offer a wide choice of models in different textures and colors, because we want to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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Abbigliamento da lavoro

NEW Megastore

On the one hand there is e-commerce.

On the other side the shop or the workshop with resale.

In the middle there is MODALAVORO which, once again, revolutionizes the way of providing clothing and professional footwear, opening its new 800 sqm megastore in April 2018.

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